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Efficiently managing the various tasks involved in providing goods and services to consumers is crucial for any business. Supply chain management’s seven critical functions, including Purchasing, Manufacturing, Inventory Management, Demand Planning, Warehousing, Transportation, and Customer Service, all play vital roles in achieving success. We advocate efficient outsourcing for an organisation’s non-core activities.

Streamline operations with efficient outsourcing solutions:

The seven crucial functions mentioned can be divided into core and non-core activities. Businesses can use services for each part individually or with multiple functions. By outsourcing non-core tasks, companies can focus on their core functions, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. With effective supply chain management, businesses can efficiently and excellently deliver their products or services to their customers.

Customer culture built on service ethics:

BizzWhizz Services and Trading prides itself on a customer-centric culture that prioritizes service ethics. Our company provides reliable outsourcing services that ensure the confidentiality of our client’s data and business procedures. We guarantee that customer data will never be shared with third parties. Furthermore, once our services are completed, we do not retain or store any data the customer has shared.

We’re dedicated to delivering businesses the vital services they need, including partnering with dependable specialists in their respective fields, based on the seven essential functions mentioned earlier. We’re constantly enhancing our offerings to serve our clients, and our list is still growing. Count on us to assist in attaining your objectives and prospering in your industry.
We have compiled a list of services businesses can outsource to trustworthy third-party providers, including ourselves.

Along with our partners, we provide a range of services ourselves, and occasionally, we collaborate with dependable partners who specialize in certain services while we provide others. We have only included support services developed because of the Information Technology Revolution. Direct marketing services related to sales and purchases have yet to be included, especially when intermediaries are involved.

Procurement/Purchase Support Services:

  • Vendor Selection.
  • Product Development with vendors.
  • Product Content Management with Vendors.
  • Product Taxonomy Management and Cataloging.
  • Monitoring vendor performance.
  • Monitoring trade compliances by vendors.

Manufacturing Support Services:

  • Selection and management of private label manufacturers for contract manufacturing.
  • Selection and management of plant and machinery for manufacture under license.
  • We have mentioned all vendor-related interactions in the ‘Purchase Services’ and ‘Inventory Management.’ pages.

Inventory Management Services:

• Tracking of raw materials at manufacturing facilities.
• Tracking of manufactured products.

Demand Planning Services:

  • Data collection and preparation.
  • Forecasting.
  • Marketing Intelligence.
  • Planning raw material availability.

Warehousing Services:

  • Identifying locations for warehousing products.
  • Maintaining fulfilment centres.
  • Centralised storage facilities.

Logistics and Logistics Support Services:

  • Data Synchronization through the GDSN service providers for products and packages.
  • Maintaining Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC).
  • Inward and Outward Transportation of Goods.
  • Managing e-commerce shipments.
  • Arranging import/export shipments.
  • Compliance with shipping formalities and data interchange at the origin and destination.
  • Billing and forwarding from warehouses.
  • Implementing Global Model Numbers of GS1.

Customer Support Services:

  • Pre-sales support to customers.
  • After-sales support.
  • Trade compliances.

Event Management Services:

  • Corporate Events
    • Conferences and Seminars.
    • Product Launches and Promotions.
    • Sporting Events and Inter-Office Competitions.
    • Trade Shows and Fairs Management.
  • Social Events
    • Corporate Anniversaries and Milestones.
    • Team Building and Offsite Events.

Supply Chain Optimization Services:

  • Supply Chain Analysis and Strategy Development.
  • Network Design and Optimisation.
  • Technology Integration.
  • Performance Measurement and KPI Development.

Business Solutions:

  • Core Operational Services.
    • Human Resources Management.
    • Financial Management.
    • Strategic Planning and Consulting.
    • Project Management.
  • Support Services
    • Risk Management and Compliance.
    • Information Technology Management.

Trade Shows and Fairs Management Outsourcing

  • Venue Selection and Negotiation.
  • Booth Design and Setup.
  • Exhibitor Management and Coordination.
  • Attendee Registration and Management.
  • Marketing and Promotion Strategy Development.
  • Sponsorship Acquisition and Management.
  • On-site Logistics and Operations Management.
  • Audio-Visual and Technology Support.
  • Speaker and Presentation Management.
  • Post-event Evaluation and Analysis.

Group Tours for Common Interest

  • Seminar and Workshop Hosting for Group Tours.
    • Event Planning and Coordination.
    • Speaker Management.
    • Audio-Visual and Technology Support.
  • One-on-One Networking Sessions
    • Matchmaking Services.
    • B2B Meeting Coordination.
    • Mentorship Program Management.
    • Networking Event Design and Facilitation.
  • Industry-Specific Gatherings.
    • Exclusive Dinner Planning.
    • Roundtable Discussion Facilitation.
    • Thought Leadership Panel Management.

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